List updated 11-16-17

iMac 27-inch (Late 2012)

2.9GHz QC/ 8GB Memory / 1TB hard drive                  $799.

iMac 27-inch (Late 2012)

3.2GHz QC/ 16GB Memory / 3TB hard drive               $1099.

MacBook Pro 17-inch (Late 2011)

2.4GHz i7/ 8GB Memory / 750GB hard drive                $699.

Did you know TEAM Technology accepts Trade-ins?

Trading in your computer not only helps the environment it also gives others access to technology.  When you trade-in you old computer towards a new one we will securely format your hard drive and get it ready for the next owner.  

How much do you get?

The value of your computer is based on a number of factors.  The age, processor speed, storage size, amount of RAM, and condition of the unit. 

What we accept for trade-ins.

Bring your computer in to us and our technicians will evaluate it and tell you its value.  You can trade in Mac desktop (2010 or newer), Mac portables (2010 or newer), and iPads too.

When its too old to trade.

If your computer is to old to be considered for trade-in we can migrate the data to a pre-owned or new computer.  Purchase & Migration costs apply.

We can also recycle your old computer(s) too and in most cases free of charge.  Computers with a CRT will be charged $25 per unit.